I have always lived in Haute-Savoie, in France, my adoptive country, but I have never been indifferent to my Indian origins. And on the contrary, ever since my childhood, I have searched for a bridge which would allow me to connect my two countries.
After researching the Indian culture and traditions, I discovered the Indian medicine and I was immediately fascinated. I had finally found the link between my two countries:  provide the much sought-after wellbeing here through Ayurveda, their ancestral knowledge from there.
I have since attended Ayurveda discovery workshops (Annecy Ayurvéda), seminars with Dr. Joglekar (Puna in India), initial training at the I.E.E.V. (European Institute of Vedic Studies) and I have continued my training in France – here near Annecy – and in India with my friend, Dr. Chopade (in Puna in India).
You are now able to discover this wonderful age-old knowledge through Indian traditional treatments and Ayurvedic treatments.

My favourites:

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