Practised regularly and properly, these ayurvedic massages become “therapeutic”. The technique and hot vegetable oils will be tailored to each individual.
The sessions at Cabinet de Mangal comprise an ayurvedic interview, during which we carefully plan out together which treatments would be best for you.
With Ayurveda, the relaxing full-body treatments find the perfect harmony, build your self-confidence, calm stress, anxieties, nervousness, stimulate energy, encourage good circulation and strengthen your immune system.
Furthermore, the relaxing treatments can target a certain area as a way of removing muscle tension, relieving joints, easing migraines, obesity, sleep or even eczema and certain skin ailments.
Regular treatments through self-massages, using organic sesame oil, will also bring great benefits to you at home.
Workshops are held regularly to give you an idea of the protocol to follow.

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